About Phil Fraser


We are one of the UK's longest established manufacturers of items for historical re-enactment. We make the majority of our own products in our workshop in Hockley, Essex.

  We have been in re-enacting since the 1970ís  and having formed the 15th century Medieval Siege Society with a group of fellow longbowmen in 1993, our aim is to continue to supply and produce from our own workshop, high quality items for the re-enactor, longbow enthusiast, museums, theatres, castles and roleplayers etc.


In the 1970ís re-enactors had great difficulty sourcing their kit; how things have changed in the past thirty years or so. There are many, many traders out there now and a lot of people have seen the quality and range of items which we produce on a full time basis. Over this period, trading regularly at events all over England we have built both trust and commitment to our customers far and wide,

So please feel free to browse our site and donít hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you are new to the hobby and need help getting started, or if you are an old hand but need something made to your own requirement.

Because we are so well known and our good name is very important to us, anything you purchase which does not meet your needs will be changed or your money refunded without question. We are re-enactors of very long standing and are not just here to make a quick profit !

We spend many weekends during the summer months at re-enactment events around the country and are always happy  to meet customers in person and talk about our hobby and your needs. Please see our list of venues if you wish to meet us in person at the various re-enactments we shall be attending this season.

Phil & Sally Fraser 2010